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Have you ever wonder how it feels when you get rich while you’re still in your 20’s? If yes, you may be interested in knowing how to get rich in you in 20’s and feel it. Today, we are talking about Warren Buffett. One of The Greatest Investor of all time is Warren Buffett.

As of 2018, Warren Buffett has a net worth of 84.4 Billion making him the third richest wealthiest person in the world. If You are reading this then it is a clear indication that you are interested in investments just like Warren Buffett and Who knows you may be the next greatest investor. So, without Further a due Let’s Get Straight into it.

1. Investing in Daily Activities

Warren Buffett owns Berkshire Hathaway. Company’s portfolio has the assets like insurance companies, utilities, energy companies, railroads, retail stores, finance companies, and manufacturing companies.

Berkshire Hathaway has holdings in companies like Duracell, GEICO and Wells Fargo. These are companies that provide an essential service.

We will always need batteries to power our devices, will always need insurance as we continue getting into accidents due to human laziness similarly will always need a place to keep our money.

So we need a bank. Investing in the everyday essentials is a great way of investing and that’s what Warren Buffett does.

Warren Buffett Says, "Price is what you pay. Value is What You Get"

2. Trust your Guts, Karma, Believe in Yourself.

Believing in your Guts, Karma, Life will help you to stay focused on what you are really willing to do. Warren Buffett always does the analysis and invests in companies he trusts.

He considers factors such as the Reputation and Growth of the company, public behavior and the accountability of management members.

On top of this, Warren Buffett takes into account how the company treats executives, employees, communities and the environment. He also relies on his guts feeling or intuition about something.

If the idea of investing in a company makes his stomach churn, he is likely to avoid it as it’s safe and sound.

3. Understand What’s Asset and What’s Liability

What do you understand by an asset and a liability? You need to know it well it may help you to grow your financial scenario.

If you want to invest like Warren Buffett, you will need to study and do a complete analysis of the assets a company owns.

Warren Buffett suggests you look for a 20 percent return on assets consistently because of more the asset, more the chances of getting yourself bucks.

This indicates that the company itself is making good investments with their capital. If it is a liabilty in the company you will end up losing what you had before.

Warren Buffett Says, "Risks Comes From Not Knowing What You Are Doing"

4. Analyzing and Observing The Companies

If you are good and taking the right decisions, you will always be profitable, because investing is all about observing, analyzing and taking the right decision at right time.

Managing the risk will help you to take the right decision at right time. People always think that investing in stock is gambling, but it’s not, gambling is investing your money in a place you have no knowledge.

Warren Buffett suggests building a watch list of companies and observing and analyzing the companies over time.

Watch how well the company makes money as well as how the stock reacts. He suggests looking for a company consistently making money but has a stock price that may be out of whack

. If you invest in a company that is undervalued, you stand to make a profit when the market valuation normalizes.

5. Don’t Put all Your Eggs in the Single Basket.

Don’t put all your egg in the single basket, because if the basket falls all egg will hatch. It simply means that investing all your money in a single company won’t give you the better result you are looking for.

Therefore, invest in new companies buy stock for less and wait for the stock to rise. Doing it will help you to invest more money in other companies.

So, even if the stock decreases you will have the other companies holding your back. Warren Buffett also recommends investing for long term solution.

If you invest in a company, plan on holding onto that stock for a minimum of 5 years. Warren Buffett has held many of his investments for decades.

Warren Buffett With Bill Gates

6. Buy Index Funds

Index funds are the mutual funds and exchange-traded designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket of underlying investments.

Warren Buffett recommends that anyone who is too busy to follow the previous strategies should just invest in index funds.

He recommends these as they almost always look for the underlying stocks. Many investors make the mistake of investing in actively managed funds like mutual funds.

The truth is, many of these actively managed funds fail to outperform the market. Your best bet is to invest in index funds that have a track On the underlying pool of stocks.

This method will significantly reduce your investment expenses and help you to make a more reliable investment ahead.

7. Give Back to Others

While I was reading one of the most recommended financial book, RICH DAD POOR DAD, I came to know giving other gives you the more. Warren Buffett thinks that helping others helps you to get bonded with people around you.

He has donated a total of $30.80 billion to charity and is the greatest philanthropists. He generally gives most of his earning into the charities especially kid’s charity. Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 99 percent of his wealth when he dies rather than passing it down as an inheritance.

Warren Buffett Says, "You Cannot Make a Good Deal With a Bad Person"

• “The Intellegent Investor” By Benjamin Graham

“To invest with success over a time period doesn’t need a stratospheric intelligence quotient, uncommon business insights, or information,” Buffett said.

“What’s required is a sound intellectual framework for creating selections and therefore the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework. This book precisely and clearly prescribes the right framework. you need to give the emotional discipline.”

“Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises” by Tim Giethner

Buffett says that the former secretary of the U.S. Treasury’s book regarding the money crisis could be a must-read for any manager.

Lots of books are written regarding the way to manage a corporation through robust times. nearly none area unit primary accounts of steering a wing of state through economic catastrophe.

“This wasn’t simply a touch drawback on the fringes of the U.S. mortgage market,” Geithner writes. “I had a sick feeling in my abdomen. I knew what money crises felt like, and that they felt like this.”

Security Analysis, by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd

Buffett aforesaid that Security Analysis, another groundbreaking work of Graham’s, had given him “a road map for investment that I actually have been following for fifty seven years.”

The book’s core insight: If your analysis is thorough enough, you’ll make out the worth of a company–and whether or not the market is aware of constant.

Buffett has aforesaid that Graham was the second most potent figure in his life, once solely his father.

“Ben was this unbelievable teacher; I mean he was a natural,” he said.

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