Pain is Temporary But Suffering is a Choice

Suffering Through The Pain?

Ask yourself what is the pain, and why is the pain?

If you are having a dream in your mind, then it is possible to achieve it. But not without pain. If you are having a goal in your mind, then it is possible to achieve it. But not without pain.

If you are not willing to take pain then forget about all your dreams and the goals you make for it. You never know who you will be after 5 years from today…

Might be you’re going to be your own hero if you had suffered the pain without giving excuses.

You can have your dream if you are willing to give it a chance. You will realize that you were stronger than you were before. And for that, you will have to stay hungry “because easy come easy go”.

Pain is temporary

It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But your greatness lasts forever.

Here is What Which Proves Pain is Temporary – Eye Opening Success Story

This article is about me, about you, and about all the successful people out there. So if you reading this right now, you are going to see what makes the Today’s Pain a Great Tomorrow. We will see…

What are the necessary key elements you need to sacrifice today to make your tomorrow great?

I will also share my own experience of my life. So without any further a due let’s just dive into it.

Pain is Temporary But Suffering is a Choice

1. Surround Yourself with Negative People, End Up Being a Negative Person

If you are surrounded by negative people, you will end up being a Negative Person. So it is necessary to kick out those people out of your life.

They will just bring the negativity in your life. Living with them will only make you enjoy now meanwhile you will be just fooled for the rest of your life.

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It is hard at first to leave the enjoyment out of your life but later on, you will know that it was a great decision.

As per my experience of almost 6 years, I too was in the middle of negative people which had just ruined my life but later on…

When I understood that the life is something which is meant to be worth more. I had to leave everything beyond.

2. Your Pain as Excuses

Excuses are one of the greatest cause one has to pay if he/she is not successful. Stop using your current situation and circumstances as an excuse to justify why you aren’t working towards your goals.

When I was young I used to say to myself “oh it’s a bad day today, let’s not work today”.

Giving excuses will only make you lazy and will also never help you to achieve what you are working for. I developed a habit of asking myself in front of the mirror “will my excuses help me to achieve what i want to be tomorrow”.

So whenever your brain tries to give an excuse, say to yourself, “NOOO!, I can make it, I can do it, and I will do it”. It will help you to stay focused and motivated.

Pain is Temporary But Suffering is a Choice

3. Be Strict with Your Daily Goals

What happens when you’re left with a mobile or a laptop with games, movies, and PDF of a book? What will you do? Be honest.

Well Your Answer Should Be… Reading PDF’s/Books.   

Our mind is our first challenge to stay focused you’ll need to train your mind first. If you want to be successful, you’ll have to be strict on yourself with how you spend your energy daily. Distractions will come in many forms, spending time with friends, television, scrolling Facebook.

But you have to make sure that your time is being spent wisely. You’ll also have to be honest. Without being honest with yourself you should forget about your dream and work for others for 24/7.

4. Upgrade Your Attitude

It is important to have your attitude right, because being with a wrong attitude will fool you against your opponent. 

Change your behavior because it is your behavior and attitude that determines how fast you can achieve your goal…

Or is it?

How well you acquire a skill or knowledge. Your true values are determined by your behavior and attitude. And this helps you to know what your results are.

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If you think you are not getting the perfect result you are looking for, then you need to change your behavior. It is very difficult to change our attitude. So you should always know the pain will last today, but your results will last forever.

5. Learn & Educate yourself

It is the most common thing people don’t do today. The worst thing in life is to quit learning once you are in a job or a business.

If you are a true entrepreneur you will never skip learning or stop educating yourself. Because entrepreneurs always educate themselves and never skip learning.

This is why the true meaning of pain is turned into success. One with financial difficulties can educate himself also the one who is rich can educate himself too…

One who becomes successful, is the one who suffered the pain. Never ever stop growing and educating yourself.


Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. However, your success lasts forever. You can live your dream, and yes it is possible.

But if you’re not willing to endure pain then forget all about your dreams. To endure pain you need to prepare yourself with both mentally and physically. Success won’t come that easy. You will have to suffer through the pain first. 

If you are reading this article right now. Hustle without any excuses. It is the more important thing if you want to be successful.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace

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