Six Secrets of Failure Nobody Talks About

You might have seen a majority of people who are working hard and are failure till they get old but still…

They are unable to make their lives better. They may be struggling financially and may even have a rented house. Also, they do not have the control of their lives.

On the other hand, there are people who have achieved a lot of things while they are young. Most importantly they also have control over the mind and their lives as well.

And these successful people are those who knew the things which are prone to failing in life. These things majority of people don’t know and thus they are unsuccessful.

Hold on tight if you want to know the failure secrets or secrets of failure. So that you can avoid those secrets and prevent failing at common things.

Know All The Secrets of Failure

Secrets of failure we are about to mention might have also been presented in any of our previous article. If they repeat it means that both the article are inter-related and you should give them a read too.

Six Secrets of Failure No One Talks About It - SuccessPot

1. Surround Yourself With Eagles:

Spending Time with friends and travelling around is liked by everyone, especially teenagers. But if you make by having a wrong friendship then you will find yourself in the #1 Secret of Failure.

How Can You Determine a Wrong Friendship/Surrounding?

“We Are The Average of 5 People We Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

If you want to fly high in life you need to live with EAGLES Not with Pigeons.

Pigeons are those people who have the skill to find PROBLEMS in an OPPORTUNITY.

Whereas, Eagles are the ones who have the skill to find an OPPORTUNITY in a PROBLEM.

How to differentiate Between a Pigeon and an Eagle?

Simple, Pigeons Will Be Jealous of your Growth, Eagles will Push You to Grow More.

2. Don’t Try To Please Everyone

When you decide and work for yourself then your loved one’s might not stand with your decision…

But remember it’s just a matter of short time, forget to please everyone during this time period.

When you will be successful after this time span you will be able to please every single individual. Read what Bill Cosby Has To Say,

“I Don’t Know The Secret to Success But Secret To Failure is Trying Please Everyone” – Bill Cosby

No one in this world was, is, or will be able to please everyone. Every Great Person has one or the other hater. A most common example is YouTube, Every YouTube Sensation is Hated by someone.

3. Focus on Learning

Focus on Learning as Much as You Can… Why So?

Simple The More You Learn The More You Grow. More Knowledge Results In More Success. Best Way to acquire knowledge is to listen to successful or read about them in any format possible.

Think for a moment when you are surround by knowledgeable people only. You will have more knowledge, more experience, and ultimately more success.

Our body is reflection of what we eat. Similarly, our mind is reflection of what we read. Books are just like stack of positive thoughts. More positive your thinking is, more is the change of success.  Here is the complete list of recommended books.

Six Secrets of Failure No One Talks About It - SuccessPot

4. Never Take Anything For Granted

We do not value what we have today, whether it be Health, Family, Opportunity or Friends. This things are available today. However, they may get vanished tomorrow.

Remember to value what so ever you have today and what you will get tomorrow. Life is changing every second and you might face a second where everything gets vanished. To prevent this, learn to value what you have.

5. Give Up Your Need To Be Liked

Do you think that you need to follow every fashion trend to be liked by everyone?

My Answer to the above question is a BIG NO…

You don’t need to be fashionable or to have every latest and expensive gadget to be liked by everyone. You just need to be a Person of Values.

What you need is the right attitude, an attitude which fears no one and does not cares what one think about him/her. You can have YES I CAN ATTITUDE to get yourself liked by everyone naturally.

Mark Zuckerberg went to a fundraising event wearing a hoodie. Jeff Bezos attended a general meeting wearing a pyjama. These people have the right attitude, you too have it.

6. Ask Questions

Don’t consider yourself as a fool person for asking any questions. If you don’t know something then that is the truth accept it. Gather knowledge about it, learn about it, and ask questions.

Ask Even if your question sounds like stupid. You will be stupid for a second but will gather knowledge about it and the better you will become.

Look at the picture below and understand the deep meaning in it. This picture explains famous saying by Steve Jobs “Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!”

Secrets of Failure - No One Talks About This


These were the secrets of failure you should avoid to succeed. Many Successful people know the secrets to success and the secrets of failure. You just read the secrets to failure and we hope this will help in your journey.

Consider sharing this with your surrounding so that they can also grow in life and live a legacy when they live this world. Life is easy, Making a Life is Hard.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace❤️

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