Secret Wealth Principles of Millionaires – By T. Harv Eker

Hey, How You Doing?

I hope everything is well HEALTH and WEALTH both.

Or is it just a Health which is going good but Not the WEALTH

As you may know that a Good Health leads to a Good Life in the same way, Wealth has an importance in one’s line. A good wealth leads to a comfortable life.

But, to acquire Wealth and comfortable life you need to go through tough time which is generally very uncomfortable with Up’s and Down’s.

To make this Uncomfortable phase of acquiring Wealth a little comfortable, Today SuccessPot has brought you “Secret Wealth Principles of Millionaires by T Harv Eker.”

These Wealth Principles are from one of the great book “Secret of Millionaire Minds” by T Harv Eker. These Wealth Principle are very helpful and has helped many including SuccessPot.

#33 Secret Wealth Principles of Millionaires

#1 “Your Income Can Grow Only To The Extent You Do!

#2 “If You Want The Change The Fruits, You’ll First Have To Change The Roots. If You Want To Change The Visible, You Will First Have To Change The Invisible.

#3 “Money is a Result, Wealth is a Result, Health is a Result, Illness is a Result, Your Weight is a Result. We Live in a World of Cause and Effect.”

#4 “Thoughts Lead to Feelings. Feelings Lead to Actions. Actions Lead to Results.

#5 “When The Subconscious Mind Must Choose Between Deeply Rooted Emotions And Logic, Emotions Will Always Win.

#6 “If Your Motivation For Acquiring Money or Success Comes From A Non Supportive Root Such As Fear, Anger, or The Need To ‘Prove’ Yourself, Your Money Will Never Bring You Happiness.

#7 “The Only Way to Permanently Change the Temperature in the Room is To Reset the Thermostat. In The Same Way, The Only Way to Change Level of Financial Success “Permanently” is To Reset Your Financial Thermostat.

#8 “Consciousness is Observing Your Thoughts and Actions. So That You Can Live From True Choice In The Present Moment Rather Than Being Run By Programming From The Past.

#9 “You Can Choose To Think in Ways That Will Support You in Your Happiness and Success Instead of Ways That Don’t.

#10 “Money Is Extremely Important in the Areas It Works, And Extremely Unimportant in the Areas in Which It Doesn’t.

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#11 “When You Are Complaining, You Become a Living, Breathing “Crap Magnet”.

#12 “If Your Goal Is To Be Comfortable, Chances Are You Will Never Be Rich. But Your Goal Is To Be Rich, Chances Are You Will End Being Mighty Comfortable.”

#13 “The Number One Reason Most People Don’t Get What They Want Is That They Don’t Know What They Want.

#14 “If You Are Not Fully, Totally, and Truly Committed To Creating Wealth, Chances Are You Won’t.

#15 “Law of Income: You Will Be Paid In Direct Proportion To The Value You Deliver According To The Marketplace.

#16 “Leaders Earn a Heck Lot of Money Than That of Followers.

#17 “The Secret To Success Is Not To Try to Avoid or Get Rid of or Shrink from Your Problems; The Secret Is To Grow Yourself So That You’re Bigger Than Any Problem.

#18 “If You Have A Big Problem In Your Life, All That Means Is That You Are Being A Small Person.

#19 “If You Say You’re Worthy, You’re. If You Say You’re Not Worthy, You’re Not. Either Way You Will Live Into Your Story.

#20 “If Hundred-Foot Oak Tree Had A Mind of A Human, It Would Only Grow To Be Ten Feet Tall.”

#21 “Money Will Only Make You More of What You Already Are.”

#22 “How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.”

#23 “There’s Nothing Wrong in Getting a Steady Paycheck, Unless It Interferes with Your Ability to Earn What You’re Worth. There’s The Rub. It Usually Does.

#24 “Rich People Believe “You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too.” Middle-Class People Believe “Cake Is Too Rich, So I’ll Only Have A Little Piece.” Poor People Don’t Believe They Deserve Cake, So They Order A Doughnut, Focus On The Hole, And Wonder Why They Have “Nothing”.

#25 “The True Measure of Wealth Is Net Worth, Not Working Income.

#26 “Where Attention Goes Energy Flows And Results Show.

#27 “Until You Show You Can Handle What You’ve Got, You Won’t Get Any More.

#28 “The Habit of Managing Your Money Is More Important Than The Amount.

#29 “Rich People See Every Dollar As A “Seed” That Can Be Planted To Earn A Hundred More Dollars, Which Can Then Be Replanted To Earn A Thousand More Dollars.”

#30 “If You Are Willing To Do Only What’s Easy, Life Will Be Hard. But If You Are Willing To Do What’s Hard, Life Will Be Easy.”

#31 “The Only Time You Are Actually Growing Is When You Are Uncomfortable.

#32 “Training And Managing Your Own Mind Is The Most Important Skill You Could Ever Own, In Terms of Both Happiness And Success.

Tell us in the Comments below which Wealth Principle is Your Favorite One and Which Will Help You Improve Your Finances and Growth the Most. Until Then We Hope To See You Next Time…

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