Reason Why People Give Up Easily – Lone Imagination Technique

Our mind is great fickle, and this the main reason why people give up easily. We have to understand it deeply, our minds are always running towards the enjoyments or pleasure so that it can escape from the pain.

It is so very obvious when you feel burden you try to escape the pain. But this pleasurable experience will last for a moment, like for hours, for a day or a week but what then?

Here is the fact… Life is Balanced… A balance of Pain and Pleasure. No one has lived a life without pain, you have to bear it. In this article, we will know the reason why people give up easily.

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5 Reason Why People Give Up Easily

If you are looking for the solution “It’s You!” You are the solution. The solution is inside you, around you. You will only have to wait and understand yourself that “am I doing what is worth doing”. Making this article even informative and interesting by adding content from real life experience.

1. Comparing Yourself Is Insulting Yourself

It is said that comparing yourself will make you hate yourself and you will start giving up on life. A comparison is the only way to insult yourself… When you’re comparing yourself with another person you are degrading your self-esteem.

Fact: Lower Self-Esteem Results in Low Confidence.

Real Life Experience: the reason why people give up easily is explained well in this experience. When I was 18, I usually feel bad about my look when compared to someone else. Whenever I looked into the mirror, I just hated myself. Soon I discovered that life is much broader to live rather than caring for looks. From that day onwards I never did a comparison for myself

2. Repeating your Mistakes

It is good to make a mistake but if you are repeating those mistakes again and again then you need to change yourself. Repeating your own mistake can make you give up on your dreams. Believe me, I have seen it, it is the reason why people give up easily.

Reason Why People Give Up Easily - Lone Imagination Technique

When we make a mistake it is a great source to learn from. Mistakes give you an opportunity to grow more. How? Simple, utilize your mistakes the right way.

Now, if you are wondering what mistake I am repeating every day? You should focus on your daily routine. Even though we say we are not making a mistake, we are always making a mistake. Study your routine by “Lone Imagination Technique” given below for a week to understand your mistakes.

Time is precious, use it to correct your mistakes not to repeat them

Lone Imagination Technique:

Lone Imagination Technique will help know what mistakes you are repeating daily.

Steps For Lone Imagination Technique

  1. Sit down in a lonely place take a deep breath and concentrate on your breath.
  2. Now slowly focus on your daily routine consider time & imagining a clock;
  3. Study your routine well, I mean Hours of Sleep, Hours of Way, Hours of Entertainment, etc.
  4. Figure out what is that one thing utilizing your precious time at peak for useless stuff.
  5. Once you point out that, the only thing you need to do is to minimize that mistake.

This was the Lone Imagination Technique which has helped me to a very great extent in the past. I’m pretty sure this Lone Imagination Technique will be equally helpful to you.

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3. Addicted To Something Useless

It is the most common thing in the reason why people give up easily. When you are addicted and also starting something’s let’s say a business. You will end up giving up on the business because you are already having something useless with you which is giving you pleasure.

And as I said our mind is a great fickle. Your mind will just go for the pleasurable thing. And addiction is a pleasure. Addicted to something doesn’t mean that you are addicted to something bad. If you are addicted to the work you love the most you will be a successful man/women.

But if you are addicted to something which is just pleasurable and not useful, you will have to sacrifice more and you may need to suffer more. It is an early alert to change your habits before it is too late.

Reason Why People Give Up Easily - Lone Imagination Technique

4. Love For Results Rather Than Work

People should be optimistic but not that much that they only see their end result and forget about the process. Working on something never give you the results easily. Therefore it is the biggest reason why people give up easily. People think that results will take a short time to come or it will never come. So if you are reading this article right now, just love the process and your work.

The Process in your work will help you to work more and more. If you love the process You will love work too. And it will encourage you to work more. But if you are still looking out for the result, without loving the process. You will end up doing nothing and you may give up.

There’s a Verdict, “Success could be a great distance, but I’m aiming to create It Somehow”

5. Failure & Giving Up

You will always see people failing whether it’s a business, a student in an exam or someone at life. You will also see some will walk away but some will learn from them. And those learners never give up easily.

When people see failure they always take it in mind and say to themselves they can’t do it which is again the biggest reason why people give up easily. What I think about failure is, it is the best way to learn something again and get it mastered. After facing a failure people always tag them with “I am a failure“ and they end giving up.

Thinking that failing is a big risk will never let you win. You want to win this you will have to simply learn from failure. Say to yourself that I can do it. Every time you fail, always and I mean always start again and grow. Failure is Great, Repeated Failure Isn’t.

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We talked about the 5 reasons why people give up easily and Lone Imagination Technique. You should never up or run away from life’s challenges. You should always face it and to face it you will have to be honest with yourself.

Ask yourself “Life is Tough, Am I?” if your answer is No. Then you should start working on yourself because life will never be pleasurable unless you love what you do.

Lastly, we hope that this article from SuccessPot will help you to overcome the challenges of life in every possible situation. SuccessPot is always willing to help you if you have any unanswered topic in your mind. Give SuccessPot an opportunity to answer the topic in the comments.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace❤️ 

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