Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity – Stop Multitasking at Work

Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity, Multitasking at Work decreases productivity. How Multitasking and Productivity Interrelated? Is Multitasking at Work Bad?

Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity - Stop Multitasking at Work

At present, most people are becoming habituated to work more than one task at a time. Which you can call Multitasking. Multitasking at one time is an easy way to increase physical and mental stress.

There is confusion among the people that by doing this, they are saving their time and are able to do more work in less time but truth is something else. By doing so, we are doing only our own harm.

If you look around you, you will often see people multitasking. If they watch T.V., they eat food or eat a mobile phone or talk to the phone or engage in social media. Never do one thing at one time.

Here in this article we will be sharing the Negative Effects of Multitasking on Productivity which in turn will answer all your questions on the Disadvantages of Multitasking at Work. 

Top 10 Negative Effects of Multitasking

We think that we have become smart, the reason being we have done a lot of work simultaneously. If you too are one of those people then take out some time and think about it for two minutes. By doing this you are doing your own loss on productivity. Multitasking is harmful to us-

1. Memory Power Becomes Weak

It has been found in one study that focusing on many things together helps to store information, due to which we have trouble remembering anything and gradually the memory becomes weak.

After a time, we have to face great difficulties in remembering small things. Which we call the problem of STML (SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS).

2. Slowing Down The Work Speed

People believe that by doing many things at one time, they save their time and work very fast but it is inverted. Because of multitasking, there is no focus in any of our work, and it takes too much time in the finished work.

Consequently, the speed of our work slows down. Which in turn affects our productivity at work. I think this is the Biggest Negative Effect of Multitasking on Productivity.

Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity - Stop Multitasking at Work

3. Multitasking at Work Increases Stress

The tension or stress in work has become commonplace nowadays but if noticed, Multitasking is also a reason behind it. People try to do many things together and try hard to focus the mind in many places.

Stacking up information and giving feedback on them increases the stress in life. We would suggest you focus on one work at a time and prevent multitasking at work to increase your productivity at work.

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4. You Make More Mistakes

According to the survey done in the US, those who try to do a lot of work at one time have more errors in their work. Focusing on many places together, it is difficult to get 100% work done and mistakes start to grow.

5. Physical Weakness

Multitasking is more likely to have physical hazard. According to researchers from New York City, 70% of people walk on foot or walking on a mobile phone, which discourages meditation and increases the likelihood of physical hazard.

Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity - Stop Multitasking at Work

6. More Prone To Get Disturbed

Those who do more than one thing at a time on the seven days of the week, their behavior is uncommon compared to a common person, which means they are more disturbed. Due to this, the person does not even need to do the necessary tasks in his daily life, and at the same time impair the whole time in unnecessary tasks.

It is difficult to differentiate between essential and unnecessary tasks. More the disturbance less is productivity at work. Multitasking at work reduces productivity.

7. Obesity Increases

Most people have a habit of eating food while watching TV or some people do not even eat anything while working in their computers. By doing this we will focus on the TV or the computer and we consume more than we need and call the disease like obesity.

8. Social Restlessness

Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity - Stop Multitasking at Work

According to research done in France, people who do more multitasking at work are more socially uneasy. Many activities are involved in the dizziness of doing things together.

There is a lot of difficulty in mixing such people with others and they can see many discomforts in them, such as talking – be careful and do not be able to react quickly on things, misunderstand things.

9. Stretching Relationships

Our mind is entangled with many things at one time, due to which we can not pay much attention to our family relationships. This creates a lot of problems in relationships. Consequent relationships begin to break.

10. Downfall in Creativity

The biggest loss of multitasking is to eliminate our creativity. Being multitasker, our mind is entangled in a lot of things, so that we can not become an expert in any work and gradually the creativity is ending within us. Creativity is the biggest strength of our brain, which is slowing down multitasking at work.


Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity - Stop Multitasking at Work

As we had a look at the Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity. So try to work out the burden of work, instead of working together, work one-by-one. Multitasking at Work is not at all a good option to pursive to carry out the any work efficiently.

Do tell what you as a tasker feel about the Negative Effects of Multitasking On Productivity in the comment section below.

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