26 Types of Marketing For Proven Business Growth 2019

It is very easy to start a business by spending money in today’s time, it is very difficult to reach your thinking and attract people towards you. Types of Marketing and promotion is the only thing through which you can deliver your product and services to the people and give information about it to the people.

Well, there are many types of marketing available, but you need to choose your types of marketing by looking at your business size and type at the right time. And to your extent, your marketing method also depends on your budget and your product or service.

First, let us be very clear about the content of this article. In this article, we will talk about marking, 6 P’s of marketing, and most important types of marketing in 2019. If you are looking for any of such information you invited to continue the reading.

What is Marketing?

Mainly marketing is the way through which people are familiar with your business to fulfill their needs and desires. There are many examples around us where people have a very good business plan but because they cannot get the right marketing, they cannot reach people and fail drastically.

In order to make your business a success, it is essential that you come out of your scope to reach your vision and create a customer base for yourself. Advertising, selling, and promotion are just part of marketing, but marketing is not limited to just about anything else.

6 P’s of Marketing:

When you launch your product or service, you have to take into account 6 things, they are known as 6 P’s of marketing. This are the 6 P’s of Marketing:

26 Types of Marketing For Proven Business Growth 2019 - 6 P's of Marketing


A product is #1 of 6 P’s of Marketing. By the word product here we mean the goods or services you provide to your customers. When you select service as your business, you do not have to worry about its packaging and labeling features, but for that, you have to take special care of branding and quality.

If you want to deliver a product to your customers, then it will be necessary to keep track of its packaging, labeling, branding, and quality. Apart from this, you have to take great care of your product safety too.


A price is #2 of 6 P’s of Marketing. Price is the cost of any item or service, which customer provides for a product or service. When deciding the price of any of your goods or services, you have to take care of the other competitors present in the market. But if your product is the best and unique then you can earn your mind profits. This fund of competitive price also fails for some product.

Cars such as Audi and Mercedes have much more value than others available in the market. But they do not make any difference to them because their target market is different. But if you are launching a new product, then you have to keep the market in mind.

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A place is #3 of 6 P’s of Marketing. The place is where your customers buy your product or service. It also includes all marketing channels. Marking includes the following channels.

1. Direct Retailing to the Customer: In this manner, you can open your own direct store or other outlet and offer to your service or product to the customers. In this situation, the price of the product or service is relatively low, because in this situation, the expenses incurred in the middle channels are saved and the profit is received by the trader himself.

2. Selling Goods Through Wholesaler: Wholesaler is the link between the middle, through which the object reaches one person to another. When you increase the scope of your business, you need a wholesaler.

3. Franchisees: Franchisees are very important in today’s time, firstly, the scope of the business could be increased by only for the objects by the wholesaler. But now it is possible to increase the scope of services through special training and tricks. Examples of many successful franchises have been present in front of us, including McDonald’s Franchisee, Pizza Hut.

4. Retail Online: Nowadays online marketing is very trendy, through which you can deliver your goods or services directly to your customer in online mode. Nowadays it is very successful especially for the goods, due to which the customer has got more variety and choice.

In addition to all these, you can use Distributor, Consultant or Agent to sell your product.


A promotion is #4 of 6 P’s of Marketing. Promotion is the most important part of marketing, with the help of it reach of your product or service to the customers increases. Nowadays, we have several ways of promotion like website, social media, blogging, e-newsletter, networking, pamphlet, TV, radio, print advertising, word of mouth advertising, loyalty and reward program, cold calling, etc. By using these methods, you can better identify your business.


People are the #5 of 6 P’s of Marketing. We are here from People, not your customers, but your supplier, distributor, wholesaler, stockholder, and your employees. All these people are a part of your team in your business and the success of your business is equally shared by all.


A process is #6 of 6 P’s of Marketing. Customer service and marketing process are a very important part of the success of your business. Ordering a new stock on time in the marketing process. It includes timely delivery to the customer, collecting feedback from your customer and regular analysis of Sales and Financial Report etc. If anything goes wrong then your market and business are affected.

Whenever you start a new business and think of ways of marketing for it, then all those ways go around these six things. But in everybody’s mind, it always keeps talking about how to market your business. What will be his methods? In order to solve your problem, we are giving you some marketing methods that will be useful to you.

Marketing Strategy or Types of Marketing

We had a look at the 6 P’s of Marketing. Now, We need to understand the best 26 types of marketing and match them with the 6 P’s of marketing. You must match the right marketing type with the 6 P’s of Marketing to get the best results.

Cause Marketing

This type of marketing means to create some reasons for your customers with their product or service so that they choose your product or service instead of any other tempting offer.

The best example of this is the car companies like Audi and Mercedes, whose marketing skills do not use traditional methods of marketing, yet there is a great market available for them.

Employee Marketing

Many businesses consider their employees as their potential customers and brand ambassadors. While believing in this fact, some individuals give discounts to their employees for their products in the form of bonuses.

And when Employees are satisfied with the product and service, they also promote it and helps in spreading your business.

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Business to Consumer Marketing

In such marketing, the company is directly in touch with its customer and Direct offers itself to its products and services customers. In many circumstances, it operates its business both online and offline. All marketing strategies are created according to customer data.

In this, you need to fully identify your customer, as he keeps saying, what is his Choice, how much is his income and how much he can spend for you etc. For such marketing, companies like Amazon and Flipkart are a very good example, which operates online stores and provides direct service to their customers.

26 Types of Marketing For Proven Business Growth 2019 - 6 P's of Marketing

Business to Business Marketing (B2B)

It is slightly different from Business to Customer Marketing, in which a business offers its services to any other business. And unlike Business-to-Customer Marketing in this kind of marketing, many channels are involved in marketing, and everyone has to take several disciplines related to channel price, buy and sell, payment method, storage, etc.

Direct Selling

In this kind of marketing, you come directly into contact with your customers and make them familiar with the benefits and features of your product directly. The best way to do this kind of marketing is to create a group of your customers and give them your product information and attract your customers here and sell them their product.

In this type of marketing, the expenses incurred in the channels are also saved and the business owner is more benefitted. A company like Avon and Amway is a very good example of this, who have succeeded in creating a different market and customer in this way.

Co-branding and Affinity Marketing

This types of marketing should be a compulsory inclusion in any business. It is true for any business that your competitors deliver to your customers, but it is also true that there are many such businesses with whom you share your customers. For example, if a company provides online coaching on any subject, then its customers may be the customers of a company selling a study material.

In co-branding or affinity marketing, they come together with two companies whose customers are beans. Because they are not the direct opponents of each other, so it comes together and gives better compatibility to their competitor.

Earned Media

I think everyone is very confused with the media term, media is a very important thing for marketing, but there are many ways in it, such as:

  1. Branded media is the media, which is a company that aims to inform, entertain busy people about their product.
  2. Paid media can be advertised in any way, which is done by taking money. It is entirely dependent on your budget, product and your location, which type of paid media you want to use.
  3. In contrast to these, Earned Media is a free media medium, its main instrument is public relations. It is also sometimes used through newspapers, magazines or blogs. Along with this, public confidence in the publicity carried out by Earned Media also increases.

Point of Purchase Marketing

From Point of Purchase or Point of Sale Marketing, we mean attracting customers to other products while selling your product. For example, when you go to a mall, some products are decorated near the billing counter, then the purpose of the cellar at that time is to attract the customer towards those products.

Another example of this is that when you have a blog on any site, then a link to other blogs is given below so that the purpose of the site owner is to attract the readers to those blogs. This is a very good way of marketing

Internet Marketing

There can be many ways of internet marketing; on the other hand, it is an effective and cost-effective way of marketing in today’s time. In this, you can use any method of social media, e-mail, blogging etc. Any kind of marketing that you go through the internet comes under internet marketing.

But for the promotion of your business, you have to make the appropriate strategy by using any of these types of marketing. Along with this, you can simulate your activity through various methods and techniques, whether it is going in the right direction and whether it is right for your business.

This types of marketing are always profitable to go for. If you want to promote your business fast, then paid media is the best medium for you. You have to spend money on this, but this money is collected soon. The following types of paid media marketing are:

  1. Paid Social
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Advertisement by TV, Radio or News Paper
  4. Billboards
  5. Print Ad and etc.

Before using the paid media, you have to select it according to your budget and product. Many times when you go to a very large level, your expenditure is very high.

Word of Mouth Advertising

The coming of the Internet has made it a very effective method of marketing. Now, for marketing, it is not absolutely necessary that you face to face and do marketing in this manner. Facebook, WhatsApp app, etc. have made it even more accessible.

For example, if you have a beauty salon and one of your customers asks you for some beauty tips, then you can organize your various products.

Social Networks and Viral Marketing

This is most trending amongst all the types of marketing. You cannot predict what kind of message will become viral quickly through social media, that means people will soon reach out. Neither you can predict whether the social media posts, blogs or articles will reach people soon.

26 Types of Marketing For Proven Business Growth 2019 - 6 P's of Marketing

But today, in the era of internet and smartphones, this is the most suitable way of marketing. If you are successful in choosing the right way for marketing, you can attract your customers to reaching them very soon.

You can make your content viral using the following tips:

  1. If you use image or video in your advertisements, it will be easy for you to attract people’s attention.
  2. If you make your followers first and then share your content, your message quickly becomes viral.
  3. Even if you ask your friends and fellows to share their content, even then your message becomes viral to more and more people.
  4. If you use more entertainment, inspiring and education data than others, then the attention of people is attracted to you more.
  5. If you give people incentives to share your content, then it will also be a good way for you to make your data viral.

Story Telling

From Story Telling here, we do not mean to write a novel or make a film, here, with the storytelling, we mean to send your message in an effective manner to the audience. These methods of marketing connect you emotionally to your audience. Whether you want your audience to share your brand’s story, your success story or your own customer’s story.

Referral Programs

This marketing strategy depends on your pre-existing customers. These are made new customers for you. For example, if you give an offer or discount on bringing your customers new customers, then it will be a bargain deal for your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a very effective and innovative way through which customers are attracted to you. In today’s time, this method is very popular on Facebook and Twitter, through which a large number of people come to your site.

To attract your customers many times, grocery stores and supermarket owners also attract their customers by running a variety of contests.

Networking Event

This types of marketing is another trending one. From networking here we mean to reach people who are happy with your services. It is not necessary that online marketing is effective for you at all times, sometimes you have to come out and contact your customers. And in this case, you can better reach your product to the people.


With this marketing approach, you can quickly convert your customer into your own loyal customer. In this manner of marketing, paid advertising plays an important role for you, as this makes your customers aware of your product.

For example, if you introduce a group to your product and then update the information on your Facebook account, then these people read your information from the interest and attract more of your product. 

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a means of creating higher awareness at a low cost. Today everyone is available on social media and uses it in case of need. If you wish, you can also promote your business with the help of this account. And you can also get the appropriate information up to your follower.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a Perfect Marketing Method. In this, you make a good relationship with your customers without spending any money. Inbound marketing involves all the activities that attract people to your business. In this way, in marketing, you get people from people rather than giving an ad on television or contacting them on social media and attracting them.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of marketing. However, now a few changes have come in the old ways in the old ways, which is also necessary over time.

Even though there are many benefits of inbound marketing, people also use this method of marketing for big success. Together it also targets more people together.


Segmentation refers to division, and it is also essential for right and targeted promotion in marketing. Consider an example for this types of marketing, if you are running any fitness cores online, you have to face many types of customers such as weight loss, which are supposed to weight gain, those who want to build bodybuilding or who want to gain strength. Everyone needs a different kind of promotions. Therefore it is necessary for you to segment your own customer.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns help you connect directly with your customers. Through this, you can segment your customers and provide them information about your product or any other information direct. In addition to this, you can send information related to your discount, new collection, cell, coupon etc. also to direct customers.

Today, many big companies such as Pantaloons, Metro, Spyker, Max etc. also use this types of marketing method brilliantly and keep their customers awake from their stocks and policies.


Branding here means to set up one of your images in the customer’s mind. This includes the people of the company, tagline, voice, structure etc. The most correct way of branding is to figure out why you are in the first position in the market in front of your customers. The best example of branding in today’s time is Cold Calling, Raymond A Complete Man, Godrej Cupboard etc.

Agile Marketing

This means of marketing means to generate trust in the customer’s mind through various efforts. For this, you can use customer surveys, customer data analysis, etc. This Types of marketing usually takes a long time. Usually, because it includes something called trust.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to target many customers soon, then you can use this marketing method. Under this, you affiliate with other companies for marketing your company and provide them commissions for the customers they create for you.

Augmented Reality Marketing

This is the marketing of an extraordinary type, and it is more expensive than other marketing methods. Nowadays every service provider is looking for an alternative to reaching customers in various ways in the market so that they can attract them to him.

For example, due to the news of a recent disaster in the product that came out through the popular media such as Flour and Noodles, social media and television had chosen the marketing option in this manner.


You can use any of these marketing methods for your business. It is entirely dependent on your business type and your location, which method you choose. But before reaching any decision, you should make a perfect plan for your business and move on to it accordingly, so that you can achieve fair success in your business.

As mentioned before you need to understand your business well to get hold of the right Types of marketing. Understand your business model and find the best match for types of marketing you use and 6 P’s of Marketing. SuccessPot hopes that this article has added up the value on the internet.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace❤️ 

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  1. I usually hear and use performance instead of process for the last p. Still a solid recap of these marketing fundamentals. What struck me as odd, however, was that “customer marketing” didn’t make the list of marketing strategies for 2019.

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