Life, Decision and Comfort Zone| 3 Key Elements For Success

Understanding Life

Most People of the 21ST Century prefers and loves to walk with closed eyes. Our life is a gift to us from God, but we often do not take life seriously and also we do not value our life. You must be having dream and goals. When you are unable to accomplish those dreams and goals then What do you do?

You Get choked you start watching television, scrolling facebook for hours, Surfing the internet to pass your time, sharing your problems with people who don’t even care.

You want to run away, do you know why, because running away is the easiest job. When someone tells you to do some work you try to run away and avoid that work.

When asked a Question, suddenly you become quiet, doing this you can avoid that question, But if not now then in future you will ask yourself “What Am I Doing with Life?”

Realizing the value of life

You will have an answer to the above question that you haven’t even tried yet, then also you run away and avoid it. This will not last long, you yourself one day will realize that “Till when will I run away?” “Till when?”

You will realize God has given you life and you are simply wasting that precious life. You say to yourself that “This was it, now no more sorry, do not cry on luck” at this moment something will change.

Realizing The Value of Life

That change will be inside you, something gets born inside you, you eyes will have a spark in them. You will have goosebumps. Like your body is filled with energy and you will feel “Now if I Do Not Step Back, I will Succeed”.

This change inside will be noticeable by the people around you. Way of Speaking, Attitude, Confidence, everything will change with little shock of energy.

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Power of Making Decisions

Now, how will it all happen? The answer is Just a word ‘Decision’. This all will happen with a simple decision of “Being above the Average”. Until when will you be average?

Take the decision to work with your full potential, take the decision to do something never done before. Write The story of your life by your own hand.

You will blame the stituation rather than “Blaming that Decision of not making the Right Decision at the Right Time”

Live with the pain if it exists. Let that pain be your motivation. Make your own way with that pain. This is the time to do something and you know that you can do it.

It’s time you show the world that you are not a sheep you are a lion, you are here to roar and win. You know that you are tired of loosing. You are tired of being at the same place. When you are tired no one will come to cheer you up, you have to cheer up yourself.

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Comfort Zone : A Well of Death of Success

Be angry at yourself asking “What have you done till now?”. Also “see those people who wanted to succeed and today they are successful, and you are blaming your luck.

Until when will you cry? Tears in your eyes are about to extinguish. This world respect those courageous people on top, that attitude, is visible in their eyes, talk and walk.

Their eyes say no one can make them fall, this is the point where you will stop saying that, ”I’m trying, I’m Bad, I think I will die while trying”. Congratulations, At this point, you have won a battle against you. Either You Will Achieve Your Goal or You will die while trying, The Choice is yours.

Comfort Zone

Crying on Everything is Easy that Is why most people cry because they choose the option of crying rather than fighting back. Don’t be most people choose to fight back, your way will be visible to you, you have to learn to say ‘NO’ to those people who distract you.

Say ‘NO’ to those habits which hold you back. Running away from challenges is easy, face them and fight back. We all have a place where no one hassle with you, this place is called COMFORT ZONE.

ComfortZone is a well of death, where we like to stay, but, if we do not step out of that well we cannot grow. Focus on your passion and make it so big that the whole world becomes your COMFORT ZONE.

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Life is Precious, Life without Dreams and Goals is Just a Waste. When You are born you have two things right after the birth, LIFE and Comfort Zone, You only need a Decision, A Decision of Having a Purpose for the Life and A Decision to Step out of Comfort Zone.


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