[IMPORTANT] Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20’s

We all are making some bad decision in our 20’s, which can affect our whole life and can even ruin it just by a single Bad Decision. When we are in our 20’s we enjoy our life a lot, and we forget about our goals, our vision, and our dreams. While writing this article, I remember, how I use to be in my 20’s. No doubt I haven’t made a mistake.

Well, many people make a mistake in their 20’s, some learn from their mistake while others give excuses like they never made a mistake. In this article, I will be focusing on “What mistakes you should avoid in your 20’s”, from the conclusion at the end of the article you will come to know. So, Let’s Get Straight into it.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While In Your 20’s

1. Partying Every Weekend

Partying on every weekend is one of the most common mistakes made in 20’s. Partying gives you the pleasure, while in 20’s party is the most common things we have. I too sometimes party a lot, but when it comes to working, I’m always serious about it. Partying every single time is not just wasting your time but also breaking the dreams and goals you made.

When we go to a party most common things is that we are drinking, Dancing, music, and eat many things that we shouldn’t eat. By drinking too much and eating the things that our body doesn’t need the metabolism of your body will become weak. Now how to overcome this scenario.

Girl is Drinking while at a party | Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

First of all, you should have a strong desire for your work and think about What is the purpose of going to a party?. Have you done? Your task, your daily work, and other things correctly or not if you haven’t then you should say to yourself ” No! Not today”. Asking these questions will stop your brain from thinking about the party and will motivate you about your work.

2. Not Being Honest With Yourself

Second most common mistakes made in 20’s is, Not Being Honest with yourself. While I was 19, I was creating my business. I thought it was exciting and beneficial for me to get financial freedom.

Be Honest - Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

However, while I was learning more and more things at the same time, I was finding it annoying to do. So I started watching youtube and playing games again.

Which cost me a tremendous due. I lost everything my money, my knowledge and everything I learned from my books. This was the best things I had ever learned in my entire.

To create your business, you’ll have to believe in your work, and you’ll have to be honest with your self that you are really working or just giving an excuse to leave the job.

So what I learned from this scene was, I have to be honest with myself and my work. Because that’s what gives us the best output from our your hard work. So when you work if you feel so tired stop doing it because if you don’t you will lose your patience and you will end up leaving the work your doing. To be honest, have consistency.

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3. Being in An Relationship

Being in a Relationship is the third most common mistakes made in 20’s. The most common things I had in my 20’s was a Relationship, even me and all my friends were in a relationship. Just being in a Relationship don’t just make you feel better also you can share your personal life with your partner.

However to be, honest if you are an entrepreneur and trying to create your business, I advise you to avoid being in a relationship. A relationship is not that simple, you will waste your time, money, and the talent you have inside you.

When I was creating my business, I too was in a relationship but when I realize that I have been wasting my whole day spending with a girl enjoying.

Relationship fight photo - Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

I Felt guilty about the work I was doing. I felt like I need to change something in my life because being in a relationship while creating a business is just a burden to yourself.

After breaking out from the link, I just put all my efforts to works and stop wasting my time. All you have to do is to believe in guts, life, karma and the work you love to do.

4. Not Gaining Financial Knowledge

Fourth most common mistakes made in 20’s is, Lack of Financial Education. The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so. Recent research has found out that, adult and teen brains work in a whole different way.

It merely means that when we are in the 20’s we can learn things quickly because our brain Is still developing. However, due to our emotional hormone and various changes in our behaviour we act like it’s our time to enjoy.

Finance chart -  funding, saving, and benefit | Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

What does this means is that people need to learn, people are not born genius or intelligent what make them genius is They come up with the idea, and ideas come from our imagination, and you won’t believe creativity is developed by reading a book.

When I was 17, I too really felt very dull to read a book, so I quit reading a book. However, when I was 18, I thought I was Doing something wrong in my life and started reading some books, the first book I started was a fictional book which helps me To develop my imagination.

“Everything was made up by people that were no smarter than you”

By the end of my 18 years of age, I started reading business and financial book. The first ever book which I read on finance was “RICH DAD POOR DAD” which is a must read book and later “THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR” Which help me to acquire knowledge about stock markets, and great investing. I advice you to read books given in the link below. Because I find it as my life changing books.

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5. Surrounding Yourself With Wrong People

Negative Environment is the fifth most common mistakes made in 20’s. We change our habits when there is a change in our environment or our surrounding. Also, when negative people surround us, We feel so depressed and anxious.

To overcome this situation you will have to look for a positive environment, and that’s What makes a change in your life. While I was 19, I was too leaving with people who were really like hooligans fighting and messing up all around.

However, I Always have belief in myself and that’s what makes me decide, whether I want a live life to tell my success story or end up doing nothing. if you are to really in this situation, to be honest just ask your self.

Two People Talking - Know All The Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

“What I am doing? Is it right?”

“What I want to be in my life? A normal guy or a guy who is going to change this world?”

“Will this life worth my living?”

This are the questions I ask myself whenever I used to get in a bad scenario. Moreover, that’s why APJ Abdul Kalam said,

“You cannot change your FUTURE. You can change your HABITS. Ultimately your HABITS will change your FUTURE”

6. Being Dependent on Others

Sixth most common mistakes made in 20’s is, Being Dependent. Once you turn 18, you are legally an adult, with the rights and responsibilities. An 18-year-old has every right to Live wherever they want, no matter what their parents say.

The twist is that, when you’re 18, your parents have no legal Obligation to support you. However, still, in some countries, Some teenagers are dependable on there their parent’s Wealth.

Depending on your parents while you are an adult will make you a lazy person, and you’ll have no purpose to do something in your life. Most of the 18 years old say “Yeah I will move, but I can’t afford it” they themselves tell their brain not to. Instead, Think of “How can you afford it?”.

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What you have to do while you are 18, Is to get a job, so that you won’t be dependent on others. When I was 19, I went out to live with my friends, but also surrounded by wrong people as I mentioned it before. However, I always had a purpose for my life, I want to be an entrepreneur, and I mean it. So that’s what makes me work on things I love to do.

7. Books To Read in Your 20’s

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