Eye-Opening Success Story of a Hollywood Star

Let me tell you a short success story, a success story of a successful celebrity who is a son of a janitor, I will tell the name of the celebrity at the end of the success story.

So, being a son of a Janitor in those old times, he couldn’t complete his formal education. He had to leave his schooling just because of the financial status of the family. Financial status was so worse that they were even failed to afford a rented house, they rented a van and lived in it.

What he used to do to keep himself motivated, enthusiastic, energetic about the goal to be a Hollywood celebrity.

He took a blank cheque and he filled the cheque with his name and amount of ten million dollars for acting services rendered, giving that cheque a date of 5 years later.

He kept that cheque in his wallet. A son of a Janitor, who couldn’t afford basic necessities of life wrote a cheque of ten million dollars.

A Cheque as a Source of Motivation

Now here is the question of, How could A fake ten million million dollar cheque influence him?

Since he kept that cheque in his wallet, so whenever he used to open his wallet he sees the ten million dollar cheque. Which ultimately reminds him of his goal.

When people used to say him that, “you cannot do this, leave this” he simply used see the cheque and reply “I can Do it, wait and watch”. Situations were bad but one piece of paper never let him give up on his goals.

Money Was Little Bit, Thinking Was Little Big - Success Story By SuccessPot

He used to have a look at that cheque every day in the morning which reminds him about his goal. In the morning itself he gets energized for the day.

He uses that energy to take actions throughout the day. By the end of the day, he affirms to himself looking at the cheque “I accounted the day for my goal”.

With daily motivation comes discipline, action, and result. He continued the same morning routine for the five years with short roles in the acts and a side role in a movie.

Exactly, Five Years Later He Got His First, Movie Dumb and Dumber Along with a Cheque of Ten Million Dollars.

Moral of the Success Story

I don’t know whether you noticed one very important thing in the whole story, the goal. The goal was always visible to the story hero, the goal to be a Hollywood celebrity and a cheque of ten million dollars.

What I learned from this success story is that the goal should be visible to you at aany time and anywhere. If your goal is in front of you, then you will always be motivated to achieve your goal.

Circumstances are just a form of excuse to avoid setting goals. Visible goals make every other thing blur accept the goal itself.


What Should You Do?

Write down your goals and your goals should be In and around you. What so ever you have achieved till date, there will be a lot of difference between the achievements you will be having now.

At some point or the other, we think that we cannot achieve more than this, you think that this is your maximum but you actually don’t know your maximum. Just Try To Push yourself beyond your maximum just like Jim Carrey. Yes, Jim Carrey is the story hero.

Success Story - What Should You Do?

There is a lot to achieve, there is a lot to win. In every area of life, let it be a career, relationship, happiness, health. If you feel you cannot improve it, try setting goals, setting goals can improve it for you, if you keep that goal visible.


Take out 30 seconds of your time after you wake up. Look at the goal you wrote down. Then imagine yourself achieving that goal, sweating, working, sacrificing, struggling, and at last, you have achieved your goal. If you find the above technique difficult then affirm yourself the following


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