[How To] Why You Need To Have Control Over The Mind

What is the Mind?

You will hear a lot about mind control, control over the mind, and the transience of the mind and I believe that you have experienced it in your own life. The thoughts that we think to please ourselves or our senses are called mind itself. Any thoughts that come inside us and because of them, we feel as good or bad as the mind itself.

The mind always gives priority to sense pleasures and likes staying in a conflict zone. So even if you try to do a new thing, then the comfort zone of your mind starts breaking down and lets you excuse yourself to save it. If you do not have control over the mind of yours then you will not start that work.

Why is Mind Control Necessary?

There is a question in your mind that why is it necessary to control the mind? If there is no control over the mind then what will happen in life. If your mind is not in control then it will make your life hell. Controlled mind lets you have a controlled life.

Why is it Necessary to Control the Mind? - Mind Control | SuccessPot

For example – Your goal is to be Financially Free in life and if your mind is not in your control, then you will do what will come to your mind. Whether You will Watch Television and spend time on the internet, roam unnecessarily with friends and keep on chatting. This way your mind will never be ready and your goal will be left behind. To get bigger points in life, it is very important to have control over the mind.

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Jenny’s Birthday Got Worse

Let me tell you a story explaining, what will happen if you do not have control over the mind? A naughty girl named Jenny, whose mind is very playful. She used to be careless at eating junk food. The next month was Jenny’s birthday. Jenny’s father, for her upcoming birthday, bought her A Princess Dress. Jenny could not stop herself from eating more junk food due to her fickle mind and she became thick. When her birthday came, Princess Dress given to her by her father could not fit her due to obesity and her birthday got worse. After that, Jenny thought that from now on I will keep the mind in control and will eat only with Limit.

How to Control the Mind?

Now there will be a thing in your mind that how to control the mind at all? It is so difficult to subdue the mind and the more it tries to subdue it becomes equally fickle. Just like a child refuses to do something, then he does the same thing first, in the same way, our mind is also.

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But with some practice of these mind control techniques, you can control the mind without knowing it. Your mind will be under your control just after a few days of practice.

To control the mind, we have to adopt good habits, apart from useless habits. There are some exercises/techniques that can follow –

1. Make Day Plans

To make the mind move according to its own, make the first workday plan and follow them completely. Having a day plan in mind at the beginning of the day will not make your mind more excuses. With Day Plans you will also be able to manage work well.

2. Do not sit down

You must have heard a saying – empty-headed devil’s house. Try not to sit down. The more you work in, the more your mind will not go away. From the empty seat, there are inverted thoughts in mind, whose wrong effect also falls in our lives.

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3. Stay away from wrong thoughts

Wrong thinking is the biggest threat to your successful life. Even if you are on the top, wrong thoughts will make you fall. Stay away from such thoughts that are not right for you. The more you think, the more you prove to be harmful. The mind accepts wrong thoughts quickly.

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4. Fill yourself with good ideas

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We should fill ourselves with some good ideas every day. Good thoughts will gradually end the resilience of your mind. For good ideas, use the habit of reading the book for some time every day. By reading the book, you will get a new learning every day with some good ideas, which will increase the interest of the mind and also the power to concentrate, which will reduce the transience of mind.

5. Try to learn something new

Always try to learn new skills or language to prevent the transience of mind. With this, your mind will not be able to make a Comfort Zone and you will do the same. I am sure that you will definitely benefit from some practice of a few days.

Benefits of Having Control Over The Mind

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It is the human nature of thinking about the benefits before executing any work. Exceptions do exist, but majority tends to know the benefits before carrying out any work. There are many benefits of having control over the mind. Let us go through some of the benefits of mind control one after the other.

1. Disciplined Life

When you will plan out the day and work with the plan. Then you will be able to complete all the complete all the work planned for the day. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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2. Positive Life

Your mind will be filled with positivity. A positive mindset will ultimately make your life positive and will open new doors of opportunities for you.

“Positive life leads to higher stairs of success in life”   

3. Determination

With above to benefits comes another benefit called determination. When you will be chasing your goal you will fail. Failure will not make you give up on your goals. The Controlled Mind will make you learn from your failure and will make you succeed without repeating the previous mistakes.

Controlled mind Benefits - SuccessPot

4. You are the Incharge

Whenever negative thinking will try to take over the control of your mind. You being the incharge of the mind will trash that negative thinking and live the life of your rules.

5. Stress-Free Life

When mind and soul are filled with positivity, there is no room left for stress to come and destroy the peace. The life free of stress is to be made no one has it as their birthright.

“Have control over the mind to lead a stress-free life”

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