15 Actionable Ways To Make Your Personality More Attractive

One thing all you need to know is that our social skills have a much larger role in achieving success in life. Personality Development is crucial part of ones career. In the research, the fact that there is only a 15% contribution by educational skill in our personality.

It is 85% of contribution by Social skills to our personality. I do not mean say social skills of facebook or any other social networking site. Social skills means The art to meet people. Social skills is also a part of our personality.

15 Actionable Ways To Make Your Personality More Attractive

15 Actionable Ways of Personality Development

We meet so many people every day but few people influence us very much and we also keep thinking about creating similar personality. Because a good personality is respected everywhere, people like them, they love to be friends with them. If you want to develop similar personality, then following might help you out-

1. Have a Smile on Your Face                      

A simple way to increase your personality and to impress people is to keep a smile on your face while meeting people. The smile on your face makes you feel confident as well as the person in front of you feels comfortable to talk to you and never forgets you.

2. Call Them with Their Name

Everyone in this world likes their name as the most lovable. If you call someone by their name in the first meeting then they will be impressed by you very soon.

Suppose someone says to you that his name is Ron, then you can say “Ron, Nice to meet you”. In this way, in the first meeting itself, Mr. Ron will be liking you.

3. Show Interest in Them

If you want to impress the person in the first meeting itself then be interested in it. You should naturally be interested in it, if in case you try to make up the interest, You may not meet that person again.

The easiest way to show interest is to look in the eyes of the person and listen carefully to their points. This will encourage the conversation between both of you and the person would like to meet you again.

4. Listen More, Speak Less

Often people make a huge mistake when they meet someone. Some people speaks a lot rather than listening to the person in the front. Only by listening carefully will you be able to know the interest and likes of the person who is in front and impress them.

During the talk, you can also ask questions about their interest and likes.Suppose someone says that he likes to cook, then you can ask what’s his favourite dish?. Which they will like to answer.

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5. Always Be Light Hearted

Don’t overthink, or over analyze. Have no room for negativity like shame, anger, jealousy or greed in your conscious mind. Instead, learn to take it as part of the game; forgive people easily. Being light hearted makes you happy from inside. And who doesn’t like happy people?

15 Actionable Ways To Make Your Personality More Attractive

6. Give Importance

Apart from eating and sleeping, there is one more thing that people wants is to become important. The people want that everyone should give importance to them. You can fulfill this wish of their’s. If you want to win the heart of the anyone, tell them that “it was not possible to do this without them in life.”

Suppose you are an event manager, then tell your staff that “without the help of people it was difficult to carry out this big event successfully”. With this every person will consider himself important and your personality will bloom.

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7. Truly Appreciate Their Work

There is another desire in the people that someone would appreciate their work. But always remember one thing that while you appreciate always be truthful or otherwise people will think you are silly.

Whenever anybody around you does good work of praise, then his work must be appreciated. Everyone like the habit of appreciation.

8. Do not Criticize

We make this mistake that when we meet someone, we critize the third person. This makes our negative image in the heart of the person in front. Try to avoid anybody’s criticism. The more you avoid this thing, the better it will be for you. This will create your positive image among the people.

9. Do Things With Calmness

Doing things with calmness adds up calm nature to your personality. Working with passion and relaxed mind is the secret to do things with calmness. So, while you are working at something, work with passion, don’t let anything distract you and stay calm.

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10. Dress Up Properly

Many times people are very impressed with the manner in which you wear the clothes. Many people do not know about how to wear clothes. They do not know which clothes they look good on them and which do not.

If you chose the wrong clothes, your personality will fail to impress someone. However, if you wear clothes in the correct  sense, everyone will be impressed with your right dressing sense.

15 Actionable Ways To Make Your Personality More Attractive

11. Have Complete Knowledge

Always remember, whatever work you do, you should have complete knowledge and information about it. If you keep incomplete knowledge then nobody will be impressed you.

Suppose you have a car showroom then you should have all the information about the car. If someone makes a mistake, you should be able to tell him the right thing.

12. Hold on to Your Point of View

This means, there should be no difference between your words and deeds. You must do whatever you say. If you are not persuaded by your words, the person in the front will make fun of you and will not even trust you. So say the same thing which you can do, your this habit will impress them.

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13. Stop Comparing

Only thing you get by comparing yourself is low self-esteem. That shrinks your personality and does not let your strengths blossom. Know that you and the other person are unique and are just incomparable.

14. Be a Helping Hand

The more you help, the more likely you are to people. Many times people do not help others because of selfishness that they will not get anything for the help.

Whenever there is a chance, help others without any selfishness. The person you help will never forget you. Your small help today can benefit you in the future.

15. Avoid Unnecessary Debates

If you want to impress people with your personality, then avoid the unnecessary debate. Unnecessary Debate results in following to losses-

1. Our energy is wasted in the wrong place where no result is available.

2. If we win the debate, then if we lose the person in front and we may lose the person forever, then we get involved in the same thing throughout the day.

If you avoid such flawed debates then people will accept you as a settled person and will be impressed by you.

15 Actionable Ways To Make Your Personality More Attractive

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