These 6 Excuses Tear Down Your Dreams & Ruin Your Life

Every person of the world wants to be rich, everybody wants to fulfill that dream which he had seen with his open eyes. Do not you want to do that? Of course, you would want to do the same!

But the sad thing is that not every person could do it! Why? Let’s take a look –

There is a simple rule of life that it will never give you what you want to get, it will give you only what you deserve!

And this is the truth that you do not get a lot of money, a long car, and a good home from the desire, you have to take the step to get them, you have to start, and then life goes somewhere and shows some kind of gratitude on you. He gives you what you deserve.

But many people do not understand this simple rule of life!

There are many people who want to start their own business and be successful in life, but they can never do that, why? Because they just want to, but do not have the word in their dictionary!

So now the question arises why do not they start? These people are unknowingly trapped in the trap of the fanatic. And this is the biggest and the worst reason for the failure of these people.

Believe that these excuses keep us away from all the good things that are our right to get, and because of these superstitions, we are forced to live a sad life. Remember, sheds are like a sweet medicine that we eat to avoid starting any work, and this sweet medicine fills our entire life with bitterness.

But the good thing is that this drug does not eat or drink only and only in our hands!

Would you like to eat this medicine? Probably not!

These 6 Excuses Tear Down Your Dreams & Ruin Your Life - live your dream

These 6 Excuses Tear Down Your Dreams

SuccessPot In this article, we will tell you some such false excuses that a person can neither start his own business nor can he fulfill his dreams.

With this we will also tell you how you will get out of the trap of these superstitions, and how will you get all the good things that you have got right from the beginning.

1. I Do Not Know Much About Business

How much you know beforehand for business success is not important, but how much you know and learn by doing business, it is important!

The good thing about business is that it has never been admired of any degree or education, and history is also a witness to this. There have been many successful businessmen who did not even complete their college education, but today the same people give jobs to the top educated people of colleges, of whom we would like to name you some top leaders like-

  • Steve Jobs (CEO, and a Co-Founder of Apple Inc.)
  • Henry Ford (Founder of the Ford Motor Company)
  • Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft Corporation)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman & CEO of Facebook, Inc.)

You may be familiar with all these legends who has changed the entire universe from its business idea. It does matter whether you have business information or not, but it does matter how much energy you want to do in business. And this is the whole game

And this is the fact that you cannot learn the rules of playing until you start the game. So start!

2. I have a Shortage of Money

Many people believe that unless you have money, doing business is also worthless to think about it. But we ask you whether this is true? If your answer is yes, then first we would like to tell you the names of some people-

  • Dhirubhai Ambani (Founder of Reliance Industries)
  • Karsonbhai Patel (Founder of Nirma Group)
  • Kalpana Saroj (CEO Of Kamani Tubes)
  • Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group)

These are some successful entrepreneurs who had no equal money but these people never let this deficiency become their weakness. It is true that every business needs a lot of money to run successfully, but not so much because of the lack of which we should not get started.

Remember that whenever a door closes in front of us, many doors open in front of us also, but the point of sadness is that we see that closed door with so much pity that we are no more Do not see the door!

So do not let the dream of starting your business due to lack of money, but try to see those open doors that have been open for you for many days.

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3. I’m Minor to Start

You can now be a student at a school or college and you may also have a better Business Idea or Business Plan, which can be started by starting a Successful Business.

But you have not done so yet, because you think that your age is not right for doing business, or less. If you think so, believe that you are thinking wrong.

Some thinker has said that the age thinks but the youth does. And it is also done by many entrepreneurs. We would like to tell you about some of the youngest entrepreneurs who prove that there is no age to do business –

  • Ritesh Agarwal- He was at 20-21 years of age when he started his Own Business (Founder of Oyo Rooms)
  • Farhad Acidwalla – He was at 18- 19 years old when He Started His Own Business (Founder of Rockstah Media)
  • Suhas Gopinath – He was at 14 years old when He Started His Global Business (Founder Of Global’s Inc.)

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And when you can do it then why do not you? And yes it is not necessary that you do something bigger you start with a small start, but you start it because…

It’s always better to make something smaller than doing something big.

These 6 Excuses Tear Down Your Dreams & Ruin Your Life

4. The Competition Is Too Much

Yes, it is absolutely true that in every business today competition is very much, but are you just waiting for this one reason? If yes, then we would like to ask you a question –

Suppose you want to start a business today with a business idea but you are unable to do this because today the competition is very high. But if you first started the same business then it was a guarantee that no other person would work on that business idea after you and you would always remain at the top?

The answer is not at all! Let us tell you some examples so that you can understand it better.

3 Competitive Examples

  1. Even though Facebook launched in 2004, Instagram which was launched in 2010 is successful in pulling many Facebook users on their side.
  2. The Google that you know today is the world’s 18th search engine, but today Google means Google for people, and there will be very few people who are hardly aware of the rest of the 17 search engines.
  3. India has many such Ayurvedic products companies such as Dabur, Hamdard, Baidyanath who started their business long ago in India and remained on top for a long time, but when it started in Patanjali in January 2006 it seems, People have forgotten the rest of the old Ayurvedic companies like this.

Remember this world is competing for only that person who performs on its Focus Competition, but the person who focuses on his product and service and keeps improving him, there is no competition for him.

When you start believing your Business Idea and yourself more than anyone else, then there will hardly be any competitiveness in which you have the courage to stop, and you can not go ahead in it so trust your Business Idea and yourself start doing.

If you compete with others then you become a Bitter but when you compete with yourself then you become better

5. I Have No Time Left For Business

Maybe you have a job or you are a student and you are also not able to start your own business because you do not have enough time. But we would like to tell you that the Facebook you and we use every day, that Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004 from the hostel’s room.

Look at the difference does not matter how much time you have, but the difference comes from what you do in your time.

Every person in the world gets 24 hours a day, but some people get enough of them due to these 24 hours, on the other hand, some people do not do anything other than losing in 24 hours.

Being busy is not enough, there are ants also busy. The question is what work you are busy.

Make a list of works from your morning to night (as long as you are awake), and honestly try to see what such work is that if you do not, then there will be no bad effect in your life.

And then instead of doing these things, start doing those things, which will affect your life for a long time. Believe this, you will be able to see a lot of changes in your life.

These 6 Excuses Tear Down Your Dreams & Ruin Your Life

6. I’ve Been Quite Late

The world is full of examples of many entrepreneurs who started their life since the interval of their life, and today they are at the point of view that every person has a dream. We would like to tell you something about an entrepreneur Colonel Sanders who were also known as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) creators.

Colonel Sanders was such a person who achieved success at the age where many people are preparing to retire, and some have done the end of their life book and for them to do something bigger in this age Difficult, or you say something is impossible.

But for Colonel Sanders, the age was nothing more than just digits. He achieved tremendous success at the age of 65 after rejecting his product of almost 1009 times.

Due to their hard work and passion, KFC became the world’s second largest fast food chain with 21,487 restaurants all over the world in 2017.

Therefore, stop worrying about the time that it has gone, because by doing so you can be sad and only, but focus now on the time you have to save because you can still do a lot more than that.


We hope is that now you may have realized that those believers who do not believe in the truth, we cannot start business or any other important work, there is nothing to do with the truth of those excuses. They just stop us from getting out of our comfort zone and force the whole life to live a life full of sorrow and poverty.

If you want to find excuses, instead of doing any work, find excuses for doing that work and then complete that work. There is no doubt in it that when you start doing this you will not have to ask for anything from life, but rather You will have to give yourself a life.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace❤️

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