15 Steps Blueprint You Need To Make a Successful Startup

Do you agree with me? when I say:

“Building up a Successful Startup can be very difficult if you do not have prior experience in Business.”

Or is it?

Well, You May Not be knowing the Right Startup Tips to make a Successful Startup.

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup - startup tips

… A Successful Startup that has 63% less chances of being shut down within few years after launch.

And in today’s post I’m gonna share the most important startup tips… and how you will be benefited from it.

if you are courageous enough to get back up each time you face a failure, then you have won the 50% of battle. Successful Entrepreneurs fails, they Gets Back Up, and They fight back.

Be willing and courageous enough to face any situation along the journey.

1) Analyze Before Execution

To start any startup requires a good idea and a complete analysis of the business idea even before implementation.

How to analyze any idea?

… Well, Answer the Questions Below Honestly,

  • What is the purpose of your idea?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who are the people looking for solution to the above problem?
  • How is your solution better than of your competitor?
  • How can you generate revenue?

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2) Proper Business Planning

After you finish analysing your Idea, you need to write down your business plan on paper.

Making a business is crucial and so to follow it.

There are Plenty of articles/videos out there on the internet…

However, Here is The Recommendation – Business Plan

Bonus Tip:Don’t Forget To Make a ‘To-Do’ List According to the Business Plan.  

3) Analyzing The Market Place

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup - business paln

Analyze your market where you have to start your startup business.

How To Do Market Research?

Firstly, Believe in your idea because if you don’t believe in it you will losing everything.

Secondly, the market that you want to sell in your product or the service that you want to sell in the market, make sure consumer needs the product or service in that specific market.

4) Find Loophole in The Market

After doing market research, you know what your business model will be like in the market, in my startup business, there is always a Loophole which can be filled by a special feature of a product or service.

Here is the deal:

Nobody is filling that Loophole;

You Hit The Market Up…

5) Choose a Relevant Name for Your Startup

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup

There is a lot of problem in choosing a name for your Startup or a Product/Service as well.

How to finalize the unique name?

First of all think of where you have to take your business

… if you have to a make big brand, the name should be small and meaningful as well as be unique too.

Consider the case of SuccessPot – We are providing content for Business, Entrepreneur, and Startup.

We have chosen a name which is unique and can be remembered easily.

Most Importantly we have the Keyword Success in it.

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6) Make a Business Model

Why Does Business Model Matters?

… No Successful Business Exists Without a Working Business Model. You necessarily need to have a Business Model.

How actually can you make a Business Model?

You Need The Answer To The Questions Below…

  • How the system will work?
  • What Products/Services will be?
  • What areas of business to do?
  • How it will be used by the consumers?
  • What do I have to do and what do I have do to make someone do something?
  • How much benefit will the customers Get?

Here’s The Pro Tip: Make a Visual Flowchart For Your Business Model.

7) The Hundred People Technique (HPT)

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup - startup tips

The Hundred People Technique (HPT) is The Initial Important Step;

When Your Business Model is Ready…

Make a Prototype of Your Product… and Show the product to at least 100 People.

Caution: Those 100 People Should Be Trustworthy so that they can point out flaws in your product.

How Can Hundred People Technique Help You?

Before The Launching of Your Product You Can Remove all The Flaws Pointed out By 100 People. Wouldn’t That Be Great?

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8) Find a Co-Founder(s)

Why Does This Matter?

If you search on Google, ‘Startup Mistakes To Avoid’.

You will see that Not Having a Co-Founder is The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneur Makes.

That’s Not All: Do Not Make a Friend or Known Person a Co-Founder Who has ZERO Knowledge about it.

Else, Find Someone on Linkedin.

But There’s a Catch: Before You Find a Co-Founder You Should Be Confident Enough About Your Business Model and Your Product.

9) Register Your Startup

Entrepreneurs, your next step should be to register your startup business because you have to be a good and successful businessman.

You have to do all the legal work and to do so you can discuss with a legal advisor and register your business so that you Do not face any problem.

The Best Part: People Love and Trust a Registered Business.

10) Funding and Fundraising

If you have enough fund in your hand so that your startup can survive minimum of 1-2 Years with that fund.

… If not try to borrow money from friends or family.

In case No Option works for you, find a Right Investor.

11) Launch it

Now it’s time to move on from a Conceptual Idea and a Product to the market.

Here is the another deal:

Utilize Your friends and family to market your product/services.

… Your friends and family and get your initial customers with ease and ask those customers to market your product as well.

12) Find a Mentor

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup

Discipline is very much required for a successful startup;

To be Disciplined You Need To Follow Some Rules.

Those rules are suppose to set up by your mentor.

Find a Mentor, who is or was working in the exact same industry you are in right now.

Bonus Tip: You can again make use of Linkedin to Find a Mentor.

13) Follow Up Your Customers

Satisfy your customers with your After Sale Services.

Talk to them about your from time to time, let’s say on a monthly basis.

The Best Part… if you think your customer is happy with your product/services, then you can ask them to refer your product/service in your network.

This way your startup business can be carried forward very much.

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14) Your First Milestone

After starting your startup business, your first milestone should be to bring in 1000 users.

… It is possible only if your idea is making the life of people easier, saving their time, if you have done so, your customers will be satisfied.

Ultimately, Bringing in More Customers for your Business.

15) Success Doesn’t Surprise You Overnight

15 Steps Blueprint you need to know to make a successful startup

This last point, you have done all the initial work…

Here after put all of your concentration, focus, determination and dedication in your startup business.

Always Remember the Words by The Great Entrepreneur Saygin Yalcin,

“Sometimes it takes a Decade To Become an Overnight Success”


Before you can read this post, you might be wondering where and how to start your successful startup.

… We Hope, Now you have got all the questions answered. If not leave it below into the comment section.

Also, We Hope that these 15 Step Blueprint For a Successful Startup will be a contributor to your big success in life.

SuccessPot Wishes You Life Long Success and Happiness. Peace

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